4 Tips to Look Perfect at Your Best Friend’s Wedding

It’s your best friend’s wedding. She, AND you, have been waiting, fantasizing about, and preparing for this day for months. The countdown to the day your best friend walks down the aisle or revolves 7 times around a mandap has begun after finding the perfect bridal dress. The enthusiasm is in the air. All the uncles, aunties, relatives, friends, and neighbours are busy merrymaking and celebrating through the line-up of various functions planned for the week. The mood is greater than a festive mood, it’s grandiose.

You, the best friend, who will be alongside the bride at every important moment of the revelry, must look her best. It’s her D-Day and you’ll want everything perfect for her, but in the rush of things don’t forget about dressing yourself to the nines.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to look the most dazzling version of yourself at your best friend’s wedding.

Dressing Up

This is the first thing you shop for. Everything else like jewellery, makeup, shoes is bought or designed around THE dress. Flaunt different styles of clothes for each occasion. For sangeet and haldi, an indo-desi fusion will rock the bashment. You can go for the classic lehenga choli for the wedding day. A designer gown or saree can be opted for the engagement. Although, nothing says ‘I’ve arrived at the party’ like an elegant designer gown.


The accoutrements you adorn can really amp up your look. The rule here is to not go overboard with the jewellery or other frills. Everything from your shoes to your shiny danglers to the chain snaking your neck should complement your overall look. Go for minimalistic accessories in case you decide to don a heavy dress. Stay abreast with what’s trending and consult your designer to avoid any fashion faux pas.

Hair and makeup

Unkempt hair and lousy makeup can really bring down your appearance. If you aren’t a Do-It-Yourself kind of girl, then get your hair and makeup done by a professional artist who can work around your look. People tend to focus more on the dress and jewellery and undermine this bit. Don’t go to a random parlour at the last minute. Take your time with finding an artist with whom your style resonates.

Prepare a dance

Everyone dances at an Indian wedding. It’s a fact. A lot of families prepare dances and perform too. You won’t be the first or the last ones. Gather your friends, the groom’s friends, willing uncles and aunties and the cousins, the whole lot. Hire a choreographer or choreograph it with the help of everyone’s combined inputs. It’ll be the most exhausting and fun thing to do, but of all the memories you and your best friend will have of the wedding, this performance would be the best one. People may not remember how great you looked at all the functions, but they’ll definitely remember the grooving and the moving.

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