Furs & Other Accessories for Your Car

Your car is your second home. You should make it comfy and lovely for the period you spend in it. You should also make your San Antonio visiting places and tours easy by having the right tools on board at all time. With the right accessories, you can fix the minor issues on the road without having to sit and wait for the road rescue. Here are fur and other accessories that should not miss in your car.

1.       Steering wheel and gear knob covers

Give your steering wheel and the gear knob some fur treatment by getting the handmade steering wheel and gear knob fur covers. These pieces are made to fit each of these areas of your car. These covers also come in various colors of your choosing. They are also soft to touch when driving.

2.        Fur seat covers

One of the simplest ways to give your car a stylish makeover is to install fur covers. It gives your car seat some facelift and makes it more comfortable. Fur seat covers also protect your seat and yourself from extreme temperatures whether too cold or too hot. The sheepskin car covers are the most common. There is also a wide range of colors from which to choose your favorite color.

Must have car accessories

Your car will come with some accessories such as wedges, an extra wheel, rear camera, and the first aid box. You can consult your Texas drivers handbook for instructions on locating and using the accessories that come with your car. Here are other accessories that are useful for your car.

1.       Car battery jump

Any car may have a dead battery and may not start. A battery jump portable powerbank can come to your rescue in this emergency. Most of the portable powerbanks also come with an inbuilt LED flashlight and can charge your phone too and are rechargeable. It is a piece that should not lack in your car trunk. 

2.       Instant tire fixes

A flat tire is the most recurring problem on the road. The car may run into sharp objects on the road or have a slow puncture that deflates the tire with time. You have an option of changing the wheel on the road. However, this may take some time. It may also not be safe if you are travelling at night. Consider having an instant formula that seals the puncture and saves the time as you await a permanent repair. You can also purchase a portable pressure meter to inflate the wheels on the road. 

3.       Dash cam

Some car models come with a dash cam, but most car owners must buy one. A dash cam records the happenings on the road as you drive. It may give crucial information in case of an accident. Consider having one for your vehicle

4.        Bluetooth FM player

You only have one DC connector in the lighter plug in your car. You can use it with several accessories at a go with the Bluetooth player. The player has several USB ports where you can charge your portable devices. It also lets you play music from a flash drive, phone, or SD card. Some models come with a built-in microphone that acts like Bluetooth headset that allows you make hands-free calls with your eyes on the road.

5.        Portable vacuum cleaner

The car interior gets dirty fast and is hard to clean. Food leftovers, pet fur, soil and other forms of dirt give your car a musty smell. Fortunately, you can purchase a portable vacuum cleaner that is plugged into the cigarette holder to clean up all the mess in minutes.

Make your car comfy, personalized and easy to ride with several furs and car accessories in the market. In fact, you spend a considerable amount of time in your car. Make it feel great to ride it.

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