How to Choose the Right Winter Coat for You

Any fashionable girl knows that besides keeping you warm, a winter coat makes or breaks an outfit. It will be the most noticeable clothing item you have on and no matter how nice the clothes you’re wearing underneath are, if the coat looks shabby, you will look shabby.

You can make shabby work, but you need to do it with style.

The Right Fabric

Studying the fabric is one of the fastest ways to decide whether a coat is worth buying. Wool is resistant to moisture and long-lasting, making it the best coat fabric. Wool coats for women can be quite costly but we think its worth the investment since it gives the wearer a more sophisticated look, ideal for going to work in.

If you don’t want to invest so much, you can try other fabrics. Wool-blend coats are a good alternative. Such coats are still fairly warm and the price is brought lower by mixing wool with cheaper fabrics such as rayon and polyester.

Be careful to check the tag or the online description though as the amount of wool in these coats will vary between a meager 10% and a robust 70%.

What fabrics should you avoid? Polyester. Although polyester is perfectly alright when combined with other fabrics, coats with a high percentage of polyester don’t do so well against the cold. Furthermore, polyester is not particularly breathable and can cause you to become sweaty if the temperature randomly increases or if you have to do anything strenuous like shoveling the snow from your driveway.

Make Sure It’s High Quality Before You Buy It

This is the hardest part when it comes to online shopping as you only have pictures to help you. Once you receive it, don’t remove any tags until you’ve checked that all the seams are sealed, the cuffs are not loose and the zippers are working properly. If it doesn’t pass, return it. Another important quality marker in coats is if the buttonholes are stitched tightly and there are no threads sticking out.

A Good Coat Is a Coat That Fits Well

If the coat is too big it won’t insulate you from the cold but if it’s too tight it doesn’t allow enough air to circulate and it impedes your movements.

When you put it on, close it and first make sure the waist line is where it should be and the sleeves aren’t too short. Stretch out your arms in front of you and if your wrists are exposed you either have to get a larger size or you’re committing yourself to wearing long mittens all winter long.

Lastly, give yourself a big hug! First because hugs are nice, but also to check if the coat is big enough for your torso and you can more comfortably in it.

The Right Style

When it comes to our winter wear, most of us want to be stylish, but some fashion brands are willing to sacrifice warmth for style. In general, winter coats are quite bulky and not always the most flattering, but there is reason behind this aesthetic.

If you really don’t like puffy jackets, consider a classic cut, just keep in mind that this means you need to pick a coat made out of a good quality, warm, breathable, natural fabric.

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