What Makes Rolex Watches so Special?

Whether you are fashion conscious or not, it is hard to get away from trends. Some people love to stay really modern, others find inspiration in older trends. This is true for their clothes and hairstyles, but also for their accessories. Any garment, pair of shoes or accessory your purchase will have been inspired by a fashion at some point or another. This is very true for watches as well, and perhaps never more so than with the Rolex watch.

About Watch Fashions

Watches are also influenced by fashion. Currently, metallic watches with a blue shine are all the rage again. Open up any magazine, and you will see celebrities sporting these types of watches. As such, if you were to purchase a watch right now, it will be influenced by this fashion.

Rolex Watches

One brand of watch that will always be timeless and fashionable is Rolex. They are the one brand that can ignore fashion trends if they so want to and stick to the design that they are used to. Indeed, a brand new Rolex and a forty year old Rolex will look pretty much the same. The only real differences are in the technology and security, and not so much in the aesthetics of the watch.


When you look at Rolex watches, you will notice that they do not have to worry about endlessly changing fashions. Indeed, what Rolex is more worried about is counterfeits. This is because Rolex has developed a reputation of being of the highest possible quality, which is why their price is as high as it is as well. As such, counterfeiters are trying to get a piece of that pie by creating fake Rolex watches and hoping to make a quick buck. To combat this, Rolex has used security features such as laser etched crystals and holograms. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a counterfeiter to create something that can pass as the real deal.

Each year, Rolex makes a number of small design changes. These are there because the designer does recognize that trends exist. For instance, the Rolex Datejust II has blue watch face to allude to the fact that this is fashionable right now. The Submariner is quite similar, which is an update on the older model, which had a black watch face. The Cosmoraph Daytona is one of the most expensive Rolex watches, studded with diamonds. Even this watch is following current fashion trends, as the numbers around the dial are presented in blue.

Watch manufacturers are trying to create fashionable designs. However, their focus seems to be more on new technological advances and not so much on the actual look of the watch itself. Rolex is one of the few watch manufacturers, however, that has been able to create something that will never look dated. Their design has stood the test of time and is unlikely to ever truly change, with the exception of some minor little details. 

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