6 Things You Need to Know About Caring for a New Tattoo

If you’ve finally gotten the artwork of your dreams tattooed on your body, it’s important to care for your new tattoo properly to give it the best chance of healing correctly. A tattoo leaves behind a type of wound due to the ink-needle passing over the skin and injecting the ink deep into the skin. To prevent infection and other complications, you need to observe a number of tattoo aftercare tips. This article will provide some tipson how to take care of a new tattoo in Melbourne.

Follow Your Artist’s Guidelines

The aftercare of your tattoo starts immediately after your tattoo is completed. The tattoo artist will apply a thin layer of tattoo oil or moisturiser across the tattoo site before covering it with a bandage. They willalso advise on the best methods of helping the tattoo heal. Some artists will provide a leaflet with personalised guidelines that you should follow.

First Wash

Most tattoo artists will advise you to let the tattoo stay covered for at least a few hours. The bandage protects the open skin from sunlight, bacteria, and rubbing against surfaces. After a few hours, it’s safe to remove the wrap and gently wash the tattoo using lukewarm water and mild soap. Afterwards, pat the site dry with a clean towel and leave it to air dry for around an hour. Once the tattoo site is dry, apply a thin layer of tattoo moisturising gel.

First Week

In the first few days after getting a tattoo in Melbourne, the tattoo may have an inflamed or reddish appearance. Even if you feel the urge to scratch, fight it. You should continue to wash the site three to five times every day. Be sure to pat the area dry after every wash and apply antibacterial gel after it dries off. The site should not be covered with a bandage. Towards the end of the week, you should notice that the skin’s redness and swelling is starting to subside.

Second Week

The gentle washing of the tattoo site with warm water and soap must continue. During this second week, as the area starts to heal, the scabs will begin to scale and fall off. It’s essential to be extra gentle with washing and moisturising while this is happening. The skin will continue to be itchy in the second week, but you shouldn’t scratch.

Third Week

The third week often shows the slowest healing progress. Most of the scabs will have flaked away by now, causing the skin to look scaly. Keep applying a moisturiser regularly to protect the site and improve its appearance. By the end of week three, the upper surface of the tattoo should be looking better.

After Healing

Many artists advise that you should continue applying moisturiser even after the upper layer of your tattoo has healed. You should avoid wearing tight clothes until the entire site has healed. If the tattoo is on an area often exposed to direct sunlight, you might want to apply some sunscreen after healing.


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