Celebrity Kylie Jenner Joins Adidas Footwear Family

Adidas newest line of sneakers, the “Adidas Falcon” showcases the fashion and style of their newest spokesperson Kylie Jenner. What inspired this fun new women’s sneaker? When can consumers find it at their favorite Adidas store in Australia? What makes the “Falcon” different, and how did Jenner give it her special fashionista touch?

Like The Original, Only Better

Kylie’s newest shoe line harkens back to 1997, her birth year. If you were buying Adidas on sale in the 1990s you may have remembered the Adidas Falcon Dorf. The fun sneaker was distinctly a shoe of its era and Jenner was sure to capitalize on that. The new line has some of the same colors and “chunkiness” of the originals, but there is a distinct advantage.

The newer shoes have all of the 1990s style but the best of 21st century Adidas shoe technology. So while the shoe may seem a little bit of a throwback, guaranteed your feet are going to enjoy the unique color and support of any modern sneaker. Like any Adidas sneakers, the Falcon sneakers offer a comfortable fit that is both casual and sporty. Wear the shoes every day or to your next yoga or Zumba class. The shoes come in a variety of styles and colors, designs and sizes. Everyone can find a pair that fit them just right. And you don’t have to have a love for the hip 1990s to enjoy this incredibly stylish footwear.

Retro Launch Party

Jenner and Adidas paired up for a fun launch party by revamping an old Sunset Boulevard gas station into a full 90s party. The sneaker showcase, complete with purple and pink neon fridges full of the new sneakers. Guests dressed in their best 80s and 90s gear, from tear away pants to sweats and everything in between. Women like artist Michaela Picci and DJ Brittany Sky were invited to the launch as part of the celebration. Jenner’s fashion choice – a bold checkered dress and the new pink and black trainers – just showed how 21st century trendy the 90s could be.

It is fitting that Adidas chose the reality superstar for this new line. Part of the Kardashian celebrity empire, Kylie literally grew up in front of everyone. Time Magazine named her 2015’s Most Influential Teens, and she has been featured on numerous notable publications, including Forbes. The young woman also has cosmetic and clothing lines, many partnered with the more famous Kim Kardashian. The starlet made headlines when she became a new mom earlier this year.

Instagram Sneaker Queen

Kylie’s 110 million fans went gaga on August 29th when the fashion icon announced the new Falcon sneakers. Donning the colorful trainers, Jenner embodied the Adidas campaign. The new campaign capitalized on being your “boldest” self. Along with artists, designers, and the fearless Kylie, the campaign showcases the work of Faye Orlove and Laura Fama.

Coming to an (Online) Store Near You

The Falcon shoes come in a variety of bubble-gumlicious colors and styles – from classic 90s pink and black to a more fun rainbow splash. The shoes are meant to fit any occasion from casual to sport to nighttime elegance. Hoping to wear this beautiful sneaker for your next night out or casual Friday? Just jump online. Popular retailers are excited to showcase Jenner’s latest fashion trend, and her fans are more than happy to wear these fun and comfortable sneakers.

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