Choosing the Right Summer Wetsuit

Some people are under the impression that wearing swimming trunks will suffice when it comes to kite-surfing, surfing, and swimming in the summer months.  However, outdoor water sports experts believe that all water sports participants should invest in a summer wetsuit.  A summer wetsuit is designed to allow you to surf whilst maintaining your flexibility and they also help reduce the chilling effects of cold water.

How summer wetsuits function

Wetsuits are not able to keep your body completely dry, but only a small amount of water will be able to enter your wetsuit.  This will not stop your wetsuit from maintaining your core body temperature. In fact, it is this layer of water that helps to keep you warm.

What type of summer wetsuit should you purchase?

Wetsuits are manufactured out of neoprene rubber.  They come in a variety of colours, but black has been the most popular colour for many years.  Some wetsuits come with a zipper, while others are zipper free.  You have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Nevertheless, you should ask yourself the following two questions before you begin searching for the ideal summer wetsuit:

  1. How often do you participate in outdoor water sport activities?  You can purchase an inexpensive wetsuit if you only venture out into the water on the weekends.  It is vital that you seriously consider purchasing a more expensive wetsuit if you are an avid water sports participant.

  1. How cold is the water in your region?  The temperature of the water in your region should have an influence on the length and thickness of your wetsuit. Thicker wetsuits are strongly recommended if the waters temperature in your area is extremely cold.


How to purchase a summer wetsuit

Purchasing a summer wetsuit is not as difficult as you may believe, but thickness, fit, and construction should all be taken into consideration before making your purchase.


Thickness is the most important factor to consider when it comes to staying warm.  Getting the thickness right will ensure that you stay at a comfortable temperature while remaining flexible. Knowing the average temperature of the water where you will spend most of your time will give you the information you need when you come to choose your suit.


Summer wetsuits come in many different styles.  You can either choose a suit with a full zipper or a suit with a half zipper.  You also have the option of purchasing a zipper-less wetsuit. The full zipper suit has a zipper in the back that runs down your entire spinal column.  This feature offers you the minimum flexibility. On the other hand, the half zipper wetsuit has a zipper that only runs half the length of your back.  The half zipper summer wetsuit offers optimum range of motion and flexibility. Last but not least, zipper-less summer wetsuits are well-known for providing ultimate comfort, range of motion, and flexibility.  They are also well-known for maintaining proper body temperature.  


Getting the right fit is important when it comes to purchasing a summer wetsuit.  A wetsuit should give you the sense that you have a second skin.  Every inch of your wetsuit should fit comfortably on your body.  Lifting your arms and stretching your shoulders will let you know if you have chosen a suit that is right for you.  You should not feel any restriction whatsoever when you raise your arms.

It is vital that you purchase a summer wetsuit if you have any interest in swimming or surfing.  Finding a suitable wetsuit for the summer will not be too difficult if you keep the tips listed above in mind.  It is imperative for you to take your time while shopping.  This will help you avoid making the mistake of purchasing an inappropriate summer wetsuit.  You can learn more about men’s summer wetsuits at

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