Choosing the Right Type of Hanger for Your Cupboard

If you want to purchase a closet hanger, you have a lot of options available. There are plastic models, wooden ones, fabric options, metal ones and even Slim-Line or glam models. So how do you choose between all these hangers? That starts with an evaluation of the available space, the type of clothes, and your own personality.

Wooden Hangers

A lot of people like to purchase and use wooden hangers because they are durable and timelessly beautiful. They are able to hold even heavy garments and don’t cause the clothes to look their shape. Usually, they are curved so that they stay separate from each other. This means that clothes do not become wrinkled by pushing against each other. Plus, this makes it easier to pull clothes out of your cupboard as well. Of course, this does mean you need quite a bit of space.


Metal Hangers

Metal clotheshangers used to be very flimsy, but this is no longer the case. Nowadays, they are really sturdy and even beautiful, particularly because they come in various different finishes, such as brushed metal or chrome. Plus, they can have customization options like non-slip coatings, hooks and clips, which makes them really versatile. They don’t take up much space either, which is certainly a big benefit.

Slim-Line Hangers

Slim-Lines are flat but hugely strong clothes hangers. They have a velvety coating that stops the garments from slipping off and they can be kept very closely together. This makes them the perfect option for small spaces. Additionally, it is possible to add clips for pants or skirts, for instance. Plus, you can keep two garments on one hanger, with many people creating custom outfits, which further maximizes the available space.

Fabric Hangers

Fabric hangers are often used in lingerie stores and boutiques. They are absolutely stunning and surprisingly strong. They also stop various delicate fabrics from snagging or stretching. Usually, they are quite small compared to other hangers and they are very slick. This means you can hang small-necked shirts on them without worrying about them getting stretched.

Glam Hangers

Finally, there are glam hangers. These are types of custom hangers that look absolutely fabulous. They are unique and have beads and sparkles and other beautiful things. Unsurprisingly, these hangers were first used in boutiques where they were able to really showcase the different garments. Because they can be customized, these hangers also make fantastic gifts.

Once you have chosen the hanger that is just right for you, you just need to put your clothes back in your cupboard. What you do also have to think about is that you need many different types of hangers. You will need hangers for dresses, skirts, shirts, pants and so on. Do also consider cascading hooks, particularly if you are short on space. By thinking about clever methods of hanging your clothes, you can double the available space. Considering most homes now are very short on space, this is something that is likely to be important to you.

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