Get in good fashion: stay in good health

You can have as many glitzy dresses, striking summer outfits or classy jewellery pieces as you like, but that won’t count for much if you look about as healthy as Johnny Vegas downing a pint with some Doritos stuck down his shirt.

Indeed, good health is part and parcel of good fashion, but so many of us shirk it in favour of hearty drinks and lazy days lolling on the settee. But when you look in the mirror, there’s little you can do to make the grease and ghostlike pallor disappear.

That is, unless you try out some of these tips.

Give minerals a go

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for your entire life, you’ve probably seen quite a few fashion disasters. And if you haven’t seen any, then you probably are one!

And it’s always the makeup that seals the deal. You know, the type of people that plaster on enough cosmetics to create a new crust for the earth. Mainly, it’s not just the quantity of makeup that’s the issue, but the ingredients.

With heavier cosmetics, your face will look overloaded and unhealthy. So, try out a mineral make up that will look lighter and won’t block up pores.

Make H2O a must

Are you glugging on Sprites, Cokes and Pepsis all day long? Then your poor health is going to shine through and ruin your fashion sense.

Besides one fruit juice a day, you should preferably be consuming an average of eight glasses of water a day (that amounts to about two litres). With water, your major arteries work far more effectively, pumping blood with more vigour and, in turn, giving your skin a healthy glow.

Make sure not to overdo it, though – drinking too much can turn your healthy glow corrosive, and flood your major arteries.

Food for thought

Much like with water consumption, it’s pretty easy to fall into the rut of substituting healthy foodstuffs for comfort eating junk. However, junk food addictions will lead you to pile on the pounds and give your skin more grease than a deep fat fryer in a fat factory made of fat.

During your three meals a day, aim for a healthy mixture of fruit, vegetables, protein, fibre and carbohydrates to gain as many of your required nutrients as possible. Check out how to make calorific meals (that’s meals with your exact required calorie intake) and try to prepare them as meticulously as possible.

Do all this and you’ll have a body that will always be in a fashion – because it’ll always be in good health.

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