Girls’ night out ideas

It has been scientifically proven that girls are healthier when they’ve had some fun. Meeting up with friends to unwind, gossip and laugh together relieves stress and promotes good blood circulation. While certain life-changing events (impending wedding, school reunion, anniversaries, or even baby showers) cry out for a girls’ night out, you don’t need a special reason to plan one. If you and your girlfriends haven’t hooked up for a while, that’s reason enough.

Whether you’re meeting up with old friends from college or school, having some downtime with colleagues from the office, or embarking on an unrestrained bachelorette party, a girls’ night out takes some planning, from making sure no one has been forgotten when sending out invites to finding the perfect place to go. If you’re feeling a little empty of ideas, here’s our own goodie bag of tips, advice and great ideas for making your night out go off with a bang.

Planning for a girls’ night out

Even if you weren’t the preppy girl at school who wandered the corridors with a clipboard in search of recruits for the many clubs you headed, you’ll want to get your organizer head on, because a good girls’ night out takes planning. Don’t underestimate the number of factors you’ll need to consider, from how much people can afford and how crazy they want to go, to who is responsible for the tickets, costumes and/or refreshments. Is this a low-key event at somebody’s house, or something more adventurous? Is it dress up or dress down? Local or out-of-town?

Don’t get so caught up in the planning, though, that you forget what counts – keeping it fun, relaxed, and enjoyable. It’s not so much about where you go or what you do as it is about quality time for people to unwind, chat, and catch up on what’s been going on since the last time you met up. Remember: you don’t need to fly to Las Vegas to have a good time!

Costume party

Costume parties are immensely popular these days, and many clubs around the country arrange regular events, with themes ranging from punks and princesses to Bollywood. If your girls’ night out coincides with Halloween or another special date in the calendar, such as Christmas or Mardi Gras, a costume party is ideal. Wearing costumes and masks is a great way to slip on a new identity and loosen inhibitions, and dressing up is always such good fun! You can rent the costumes to minimize costs or even get together beforehand to make them yourselves, but make sure everyone knows what the theme is and is given fair warning to plan their outfit. You could also arrange to meet up for cocktails at a local bar or lounge beforehand to get everyone in the mood before the party really kicks off.

Try something you’ve never done before

Nothing bonds girls together like the shared experience of trying something completely new, whether that’s working up a sweat on an indoor climbing wall or a few laps on the local go kart track. Always wanted to try the quirky fusion restaurant down by the river but never got around to making a reservation? Looking for the right person to try a meringue class with? Think impulsively, but don’t choose an activity that’s dangerous or irresponsible; everyone involved should feel comfortable rather than pressured or scared.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, you could check online to see what random deals-of-the-day are currently offering discounts in your area. Just make sure you’re aware of any particular allergies or other medical conditions within your group before you make bookings for the all-you-can-eat shellfish buffet or whitewater rafting weekend, though.

Events and shows

Think big – stadium big. What could be better for a reunion of college friends, for example, than meeting up for your favorite band’s reunion tour as they hit your local town, reminiscing about the time you snuck out to see them 15 years previously, topping the huge nostalgia trip off with the chance to sing along to all their greatest hits? What about exercising those laughing muscles with tickets to a live comedy night, or thrilling everyone’s pants off with VIP seats for Cirque du Soleil, an illusionist or a hit musical such as Mama Mia?

The biggest part of the organizing here is in booking well ahead. Always ensure tickets are available before you start sending out the invites; try ABC tickets, which specializes in sold out tickets for a huge range of events, from pop concerts and comedy shows to sporting events, including baseball, hockey, and even the Superbowl.

A night out, in

Alternatively, you could always invite the girls to stay in. Choose someone’s house to host the night and revisit your inner teen with the latest chick flick or rom com, wine tastings of your favorite Merlots or Chardonnays, and even a sleepover. Take it in turns to do each other’s make-up, hair, and nails; take photos of each other in super glamorous poses, and then choose the best ones to use as your new social media profile picture. Add copious amounts of gossip and giggling and you should have the perfect recipe for a girls’ night out, in.

A girls’ night in is relatively easy to plan and fairly inexpensive to budget for. It’s a good idea to delegate the tasks so that one person takes care of the make-up, another the hair products, etc., while other members of the group are given responsibility for organizing the refreshments. Alternatively, just ask everyone to bring a bottle, a dish of something and their cosmetics.

This idea is simple to carry out, and it doesn’t really matter whose house it will be held at, as long as they are happy to play host. Just make sure that they don’t take on all the work alone, and be on hand with offers of help getting things ready, as well as cleaning up afterwards.

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