Hair, hot food and furtive films – an oddball trip to London

London –home of the Queen (God bless you, ma’am!), Downing Street, Big Ben, The National Gallery and taxi drivers who feast on jellied eels and “don’ go sath of thariva”.

And if you’re a tourist, a few holiday snaps next to these conventional sights might be exactly what you need. But for a unique treat in the English capital, seek out these oddball, left-of-centre locations. We guarantee you’ll find more than aggressive cabbies and aging monarchs. You might even experience the holiday of a lifetime.

Say goodbye to your hair

Whether you’re trying to gain the ideal bikini line or want to become a Walter White impersonator, laser hair removal in London is the best way to scythe those follicles for good.

Why would you want laser hair removal while you’re on holiday? The companies running the process in London offer an ideal service, replete with the bells and whistles you’d expect from a five-star hotel. There’s nowhere else like them.

So, head to London and gain the hair (or lack of) of your dreams.

Hit up a curry joint

London’s Brick Lane is world famous for its quality curries and other Indian cuisine to knock your socks off. The finest of these is the Meraz Restaurant, allowing you to taste from a menu that’s been honed to perfection since opening in 1974.

It offers a range of Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi food styles, all combined to create flavours you won’t find anywhere else.

Really, it’s just the tip of the foodie-iceberg in the area, so have a trek around to find a place to suit you.

Find a cinema –and keep it under your hat

Hitting London every few months with increasingly ambitiousperformances, Secret Cinema has been the founder of what it refers to as “immersion cinema”.

Picking you up from a pre-planned point, the Secret Cinema team will take you to a location that chimes exactly with the film you’re about to watch, replete with actors and stalls to help set the tone.

Previous screenings have involved an accurate recreation of a 50s’ town for Back to the Future, a prison yard, complete with strict guards barking orders at guests, for The Shawshank Redemption and, most recently, a charity screening of Robin Williams’s The Dead Poet’s Society in huge theatres remodelled into classrooms.

No matter what screening you attend, it’s certain to be a singular experience. This is one of the attractions in London.

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