How Men Can Nail Workplace Fashion

Workplace fashion has transformed over the past few decades. With many offices embracing a more casual dress code and more men becoming increasingly interested in fashion and trends, it’s now easier than ever to incorporate your personal style into your office clothes. Not everyone naturally knows how to dress well, so you may need a few pointers to help you get comfortable with the idea of embracing office style.

Firstly, it’s generally wise to stick to the smart side of smart casual. Many offices today keep to a generic ‘smart casual’ dress code. This can be a tough one to discern, especially when you’re new and unsure how the rest of your colleagues dress. It’s always better to err on the smart side. If you go for jeans and a collared shirt, make sure the jeans are fitted and neat, rather than baggy or distressed. You’ll find plenty of options to choose when you shop for mens clothes online. Choose a tailored shirt that fits well, and if you do choose to wear a t-shirt, make sure it’s clean and simple without any obvious branding.

If it’s appropriate to do so, don’t be afraid to get a little flashy and show up to work in a suit. In the good ol’ days men always wore a suit and tie to the office, and there’s no reason not to drag the look back into fashion in your own workplace if you love how it makes you look and feel. Sometimes, putting on a sharp, well-tailored suit can automatically make you feel more powerful and confident. It’ll also show your boss and clients that you mean business, and could help you be taken more seriously if you’re one of the younger members of the team.

Picking out a suit may seem tough if you’ve only ever got dressed up for funerals and special occasions, but it’s surprisingly easy once you’ve got a sense of your own personal style. Start simple with a classic cut and low-key collared shirt in a fairly neutral colour. If you do decide to get a little more creative with a checked or pinstriped suit, balance the look out with a plain shirt and tie. Playing around with tie textures and colour schemes can be a great way to ease a little more fun into your suit wardrobe without jumping in at the deep end straight away.

For men who aren’t quite ready to suit up, a mix and match look with separates can work well for the office. Try dressing up a smart-casual set of chinos with a tailored jacket and shirt, and leave the tie out of the equation if your office is fairly relaxed. You can also pair a cool blazer with fitted dark wash jeans, or swap your dress shirt out for a t-shirt under your jacket. Play around with fashion styles to find the look that feels right to you, and don’t shy away from experimentation.

Finally, don’t forget the significant of a smart pair of shoes. The perfect suit could be completely thrown off by a scruffy set of Oxfords, so keep them polished to perfection and carefully matched with your outfit if you want to wow the workplace. A comfortable, luxurious pair of work shoes will be a smart investment, so shop wisely.

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