How To Dress In A Fashionable Way For Your First Canadian Winter

For people who have just moved to Canada need to be ready for their first winter. Winters in Canada are not moderate by any means with some of the coldest temperatures on the North American continent. With it being your first winter in Canada it is important to be prepared but it is also important to start fitting into your new home. Wearing bulky winter clothes that are decades out of style with have many people labeling you are a tourist rather than a resident. The following are tips to dress in a fashionable way for your first winter in Canada.

Get a Couple Reliable Hats

A large percentage of heat lost is lost through the head so keeping it warm is essential. The right hat or cap can be the perfect accessory to make an outfit complete while also keeping your head warm. Some people wear beanies but these are not always the most business appropriate so when traveling to a meeting of some sort opt for the hat. Buy multiple hats for various things like a hat for outdoor activities then a hat to go out to a nightclub in. Hats are quite versatile so take advantage this winter.

Boots For Snow and Outdoors

Footwear is essential in Canada during the winter that covers your feet effectively. These need to be waterproof when it comes to boots especially if doing something like taking a hike in the snow. Even if you are going to encounter a small amount of snow on a walk to work you need to use good quality boots. Nothing is worse than working all day or running errands when your socks are wet. Combine this with the fact that your feet let out quite a bit of your heat makes this essential in a health aspect as well. Find boots that fit your style but make sure that will keep the elements out!


Getting the right coat could not be more important as you are going to have to brave the cold at least from your car to the office. The right coat does not need to bulky as this can be out of style but you should not compromise on warmth for any reason. Your health comes first and there are plenty of warm coats out there that are in style at an affordable price. Take a look at reviews of certain brands as you do not want to sacrifice style for warmth or comfort as a combination is key.

Leggings and Socks

Leggings can be the perfect way to stay warm without adding another thick coat of clothing. You want to be warm and not overheat so certain cotton based leggings might not work. Another thing that you absolutely have to have is warm socks that deal well with getting wet as some boots will let water from snow through. Your socks can be stylish by having a unique color that sets off the rest of your outfit.

Getting the right clothes for winter in Canada will take planning but it is possible to get these and look as stylish as ever!

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