Men’s Tips On Wearing Joggers

If there’s one thing the chaotic 2020 has done for fashion, it’s the significant boost it has given to athleisure wear. With the rise of the work from home (WFH) movement and a focus on relaxation over style, comfort fashion has broken into mainstream style.


But if you are more of a dress shirt or jeans kind of man, this shift can stir up trouble in your wardrobe paradise. This is especially true if you are trying to get a hang of apparel such as jogger pants, which are currently a hot favorite in athleisure.


What Exactly Are Joggers, Anyway?

Simply put, joggers are a type of sports pants that provide the wearer with extensive mobility and added comfort. They usually have a slim fit around your legs, and taper just above your ankles with an elastic material. This makes them different from typical sweatpants. Originally used for running and exercise, joggers are now widely worn as street wear.


Typically made from cotton and fleece, joggers are available through various athleisure and sportswear brands at different price points. With their snug fit, breathable material, and trendy designs, these pants have become the go to outfit for those who are living through the WFH movement or trying to keep a relaxing attitude through quarantine.


To help you wear your joggers without a fashion faux pas, here are a few tips on wearing these pants with the utmost flair.


Pair Them Up With Your Best Casual Wear

Since jogger pants fall under athleisure, they are the most suitable fit for the casual wear category. This means that you should leave your dress shirts and dress shoes behind while trying to pull off the ultimate joggers look. Instead, you should look into your casual wear section to find the perfect match of accessories.


Joggers and Sneakers Go Hand in Hand

Apart from sharing the theme of running, another thing that joggers and sneakers have in common is the aspect of comfort. This makes them a match made in fashion heaven by itself. The similar design themes between these pants and shoes further elevate this connection. This is why, you shouldn’t think twice about pairing your favorite sneakers with your new joggers.


T-shirts Are an Effortless Pairing for Your Joggers

Wearing joggers in milder weather can be a great choice, especially if you combine them with t-shirts. The best t-shirt pairings for your joggers come in solid colors or minimal graphics. But you can go with graphic-heavy t-shirts if they go with the overall design of your joggers. In colder weather, you can even add-in a hoodie with this outfit.


Sweatshirts Elevate Your Level of Comfort

Want to be significantly relaxed at home or effortlessly trendy on a grocery run? Try pairing your sweatshirts with your jogger pants. With the right fit of both articles of clothing, you can find the ideal level of comfort with the perfect silhouette to boot. Pair this combination with your favorite sneakers and tennis shoes, and you have got yourself a winner.


In order to make your joggers work for you, make sure to get the perfect size and fit. As long as your pants aren’t extra baggy, you would be able to pull them off flawlessly.

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