The christening gown is one of the most important items when it comes to planning a baby’s christening. While for some people an heirloom garment exists, for others, going through the process of choosing the perfect christening dress is inevitable. When choosing a christening gown (take a look at for ideas), you have to consider the size of your child. Sometimes getting christening outfits for older children can be an uphill task. You do not want your child to be uncomfortable in a smaller gown or seem to disappear in an oversize dress.

Traditionally christening gowns came in whites and creams; however, modern gowns feature different colors such as soft pinks, hues of blues and even purples. When preparing for your child’s christening, check whether your preferred denomination allows different colors before you buy. If the church allows the use of other colors, then choose colors that complement your baby’s skin.

Christening dresses come in different styles, from simple to elegant and couture garments. All the different styles have different prices; the important thing is to choose a tasteful style that falls within your budget and suits your baby.


It is easy to ignore ribbons especially when you have so much to do and so little time. These fantastic strips of fabric however, break the norm in a baby’s christening outfit with brilliant colors, which make the babies look so cute and adorable.

When getting ribbon for your child’s christening, first you need to choose the best colors that will spice up the baby’s outfit. Consider the thickness and colours of the ribbons so that they look proportional to your baby’s head.

After you get the ribbon, do not wait until the christening day to learn how to make the perfect hair bows for your baby. Practice making hair bows in different sizes and colours so that you can choose the best to put on your baby’s hair when the day comes.


Christening is not normally a private affair, it is an occasion to celebrate with friends and family and this is why you need to prepare invitations. Invitations are important because they inform people about the christening, the date, time, venue and sometimes the dress code.

Invitations should be prepared early enough so that the invitees can also avail themselves from other commitments on that particular date. You also get to know the number of people who will make it to the occasion through confirmations; this will allow you to plan for meals and sitting arrangements for your guests.

You can make your own cards using your own designs and including adorable pictures of your baby or spend a bit more money and get them foil stamped for a special touch. Remember some of the invitees may not be religious and you can include a note informing them that attending the party is not a prerequisite of attending the after party. Guests who are not religious will feel relieved of having to skip the church part and those who consider it to be deeply spiritual will appreciate keeping the sanctity of the ritual.

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