Skin Care Tips

In order to look and feel your very best you have to take care of yourself which means you need to take care of your skin. Your skin is something that should never be taken for granted. Sadly, a lot of people neglect their skin while we take care of our other parts. Do you even know how to take care of your skin? Do you know how to make your skin look radiant? According to an article by Cosmopolitan, they suggested that in order to get and maintain healthy looking glow on your skin that you need to be following a few simple rules. Some skin must follow rules include: taking extra care when removing makeup, never going to bed with your makeup on, using an antioxidant serum, drinking lots of water, never laying in the tanning, sleeping on a clean pillowcase, staying away from junk food, never pinching pimples or blackheads, always wearing sunglasses, exfoliating, applying a face mask weekly, and cleaning the phone you use every day. According to an article on Oprah, in order to obtain great skin and keep it, you should be follow these six habits which are: eating salmon and other foods that are rich with antioxidants, using sunscreen, applying a retinoid cream every night, washing your face daily, getting regular exercise, and getting at least seven hours of sleep each night.


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