Top 5 floor lamps to have in your home

Usually when you purchase a floor lamp you’re not investing in one for it to serve as your main source of light. The purpose of most floor lamps is to act more as an additional option of lighting to add brightness to a room (because we assume you already have lights fitted into your house.) It is important that the light in your home is chosen carefully. This is because it essentially creates the mood and provides that finishing touch, so you want it to be perfect!

With lighting trends always changing, what is particularly good about a floor lamp is that its versatility is beneficial in a number of ways. They can be moved from room to room, and placed in corner to corner.

If you choose wisely and put it in the right place, a floor lamp can become the centerpiece of a room. Acting as a focal point for all to see, it can stand out from even the darkest of corners.

With countless shapes, sizes, styles and designs, the decision of which floor lamp to buy can be tricky. Lampcommerce is just one example of a retailer who supplies countless amounts of excellent lighting options for you to choose from.

Here are just some of the most popular floor lamps you should have in your home!


This is one of the most common and recognisable floor lamps found in a home. With its unique shaped lampshade shining light upwards, the popular torchiere can fit into the smallest of spaces and requires minimal floor space. This type of lamp often comes with a weighted base to stop it from toppling over, particularly if placed on carpet.


Club lamp

This style is a very simple, universal floor lamp. It only has three components to it – a stand, a pole and a shade. Club lamps are not often used for brightness because the lampshade protects a lot of the light, but is instead used to create a mellow, relaxed mood in a room. You might often find this style in a bedroom. There are different variations of club lamps. Unlike a lot of floor lamps, the height can be adjusted to suit whatever you plan on using the lighting for.



The pharmacy floor lamp produces one of the brightest lights and is used for its brightness rather than as a feature in a room. It is an ideal light for reading as the rectangular-shaped lamp head is flexible can be adjusted and moved, providing downward lighting. The lamp itself has a small, slender profile and can fit into small corners of an office, for example.



This floor lamp is one of the more aesthetically pleasing and provides ambient lighting. The styles the tower comes in are extremely varied and are often the feature and focal point of a room. These are popular floor lamps for a living area or corridor. Due to the size of a tower floor lamp, they are generally a little bit harder to move around and have no adjustable heads to direct the direction of light.


Down Bridge

Similarly to the pharmacy lamp, the contemporary down bridge lamp directs light downwards (it’s in the name) and is also good for reading. This is another popular floor lamp to place in an office or a room alike. Another slender lamp, the head is ver y easily adjustable and efficiently movable from corner to corner. Both the socket and shade on this lamp are directed at an angle; therefore the shade is connected to the socket.



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