Understated or over the top? The right way to wear jewelry

A ring, bracelet, brooch or necklace may look beautiful in the display case but sadly that is no guarantee that it will look as good once you have put it on. As a result, people very often find themselves struck with a sudden case of buyer’s regret only moments after making such a significant purchase.

Most of the time there is in fact no need for such disappointment as it is very often simply a case of the jewelry not matching the clothes he or she happens to be wearing at the time. The assumption that a good piece of jewelry can just be put on and will look great with whatever you are wearing is simply not true.

In fact with such diversity and ongoing change in the world of fashion, both with clothing and jewelrytrends, matching jewelry to outfits is something of an art form, and a potentially confusing one at that.

The right jewelry for the right outfit

Fortunately there are a few simple steps that anyone can take to ensure they really get the most out of their purchases to show them off to best effect.

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that different styles of jewelry suit different outfits, so ask yourself the following questions:

What sort of look am I going for here?Start by taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. Instead of thinking about specific items consider the overall impression you want to make. What do you want people to think and say about you when you walk into the room? Are you going for a look that is understated and classy, bold and eye-catching or fun and perhaps a bit provocative? Once you have established a clear idea in your head, use it as a reference point. Keep revisiting and make sure everything you choose contributes consistently to this.


Is there something in particular that I absolutely must wear? If there is an item of clothing or jewelry that you really want to show offuse it as a starting point from which you can start to match other items.

What is my budget? One of the many advantages of learning how to properly coordinate jewelry is how it allows you to really make the most of your purchases and stretch your fashion budget as far as possible. Different combinations of the same items can lead to a whole new image, so have some fun experimenting, whatever your budget.

What is my hair and skin coloring?As a basic rule of thumb, blonde or brown hair can look good with either gold or silver, while people with red or gray hair often look better with silver.

What colors do I want to emphasize?Generally, gemstones should match the main color of your outfit, so match rubies with red, sapphires with blue, emeralds with green, and so on. Plain black outfits provide a sort of blank canvas for bright-colored jewelry while gold goes well with warm colors.

Is this an opportunity to try something different? There is a huge range of jewelry out there and often our biggest limitation is our own imagination. The best jewelry provides an opportunity to have some fun and create a whole new look for yourself even if you only have the same old outfits to choose from. Think about accessories like toe rings, bindis or face and body crystals. These small things can add an exotic feel to an otherwise ordinary outfit. This attention to detail invariably pays off, as people tend to notice, and be most impressed by, the small things.

Am I overdoing it?Finally, always remember that it is possible, easy even, to go too far. At each step of the matching process consider that while it is tempting to try and show off all your favorite things, sometimes less can indeed be more. This is especially true when two pieces of jewelry may both match the outfit you want to wear but not necessarily each other.

Guidance and inspiration

The website of Noes, specialists in jewelry, mostly bridal and estate, is a great place to start for inspiration. As well as an excellent range of rings, earrings, necklaces, watches and more, you can find guidance on buying and taking care of your jewelry.

While matching jewelry to outfits can seem daunting and complex, by following a few simple guidelines and knowing where to go for advice and inspiration, anyone can ensure they get it right and look their best.

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